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Dear FSG,

I write this with boiling blood, disbelieving the news over the last 48 hours. I’ll start this letter by taking you back to one of the best nights of my life, the Champions League final of 2005. Istanbul. Steven Gerrard. 

You were not the custodians of the club then, but I’m sure you look back on that as one of the reasons why Liverpool FC was such an appealing investment. Regardless, that Champions League campaign was everything beautiful about football. A true underdog story. A team bidding for its fifth Champions League trophy, the one you get to keep. Two historic clubs, one at the top of the game, one a sleeping giant, battling it out for European glory. In the run-up to the final, the iconic Olympiakos game. That Gerrard strike. That commentary. Those journeys don’t happen if the European Super League exists. 

I understand you want to make money. Everyone does. But you do it the right way. Not like this. Football without dreams and football without competition means nothing. The highs are only high because of the lows. 

Football is unique in terms of sporting power. From the soldiers who stopped fighting during World War 2 on Christmas Eve to come together and play football, to the communities that have been united by football, to the children around the world who have been given hope by football, that is what makes the sport special. 

Amongst the feeling of betrayal, my heart breaks for Jurgen Klopp. The man who has rebuilt this club and delivered our dreams. He’s the one being scapegoated, having to answer questions he doesn’t know the answer to. He’s the one suffering, with the players, while you hide in silence, watching the fury unfold. 

You’ve betrayed him. You’ve betrayed Jordan Henderson. You’ve betrayed Bill Shankly. Kenny Dalglish. Steven Gerrard. The fans. The city. The history of the club. The minute that signature went on that piece of paper, you gave up on fair sport and the power of football and you gave in to greed and gluttony.

It’s a shame because it tarnishes the good you have done – the investment in Anfield, players, bringing in Klopp, the profitability of the club. That’ll all go if this happens.

Do the right thing. Withdraw, even if it means being sued by the European Super League. Reform the Champions League. Focus on the Premier League. Invest in our local communities. Give back to the people. Accept defeat when it happens. Applaud success from the underdogs. Encourage children to dream big. Empower players to represent their country. And ensure football is the sport it was born to be. 


Chris, The Red Debate