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By Reece Gavin (@RGLFC)

So it looks as though Alberto Moreno is set to depart Liverpool when his contract expires on July 1st 2019. This was recently alluded to in The Mirror & has been doing the rounds on Twitter. 

The Spaniard will be able to hold talks with overseas clubs from January 1st, as Liverpool have not attempted to re-negotiate a new deal. 

Moreno has struggled to make an impact in this season’s campaign with his only start coming at Anfield against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup. 

Moreno has appeared 88 times for Liverpool so far in his career, scoring 3 times. However, it’s looking increasingly likely those numbers won’t rise too much higher. 

At 26, Alberto Moreno has attracted lots of interest from his home country with rumours of Barcelona and Sevilla wanting the left back.

The Red Debate team have penned their thoughts on him:

Chris Smith (@RedDebateChris):

Bert – when he burst away from Kyle Walker and slammed one in against Spurs my balls were tingling. Had we finally signed a world-class left-back, to end the years of misery in that position?? Not since Fabi Aurelio had I been this excited about a left-back.

Moreno arrived with pedigree. The next big thing from Spain. A Europa League winner. However, that excitement was short-lived. His Liverpool career has been a rollercoaster.

From moments of pure magic (think back to his lung-busting tackle on Sadio Mané when young Sadio was playing for Southampton) to moments of jaw-droppingly bad defending (think back to the second half of the Europa League final against Sevilla), his career hasn’t panned out how everyone at the club would have hoped. Ironically, he did have a good spell of form before Robbo came in. And Robbo was gifted his place by a Moreno injury. We’ve never looked back, unfortunately for Bert. He’s never come close to claiming his position back, and his time at the club looks to be petering out. As it stands he’s still a useful squad member, plus he’s great for dressing room morale (follow him on Insta).

I have to say I love him, but he is most certainly a squad player, rather than a first-place contender. If he leaves, I’ll be sad. He’s a really likeable lad who formed close friendships with some of our top boys – Little Phil, Bobby F and Lucas. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back to Spain and becomes a force once more. 

Ollie Verghese (@RedDebateOllie):

An Ian Fleming quote about horses sums up Bert Moreno in my opinion: “Dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle”.

Bert has the unhelpful combination of great technical ability and pace but a mind capable of making woeful decisions. When he gets the defensive side right he’s easy on the eye and his pace offers genuine attacking threat. However as we saw against Chelsea in the League Cup how his defending eventually lost us the game when Hazard pulls his pants down, him having already been tormented by Victor Moses in the first half. It’s a shame we had such a tough opponent at that stage of the competition because it would have been good for our squad if Bert and the other fringe players got a cup run. Nevertheless, that game showed us his level and I think against the big boys it’s not good enough.

Tom Verghese (@TheRedDebate):

I recently did a piece about players whom I hold in high esteem as former Reds, but perhaps weren’t very good. I think in years to come that Alberto Moreno will come to mind when thinking about this theme. In my mind’s eye he’ll be wearing his puffa jacket, riding his hover board with his English bulldog & he’ll have that infectious smile on his face. As Chris has touched on, I thought we’d signed Jordi Alba mark 2 when he slammed that one in against Spurs. Since then, he’s more defined by his madness and erratic performances. He’s frustrating in the sense that he’s got the tools to be a decent player. Ironically, I think he’d be a great squad addition at Barcelona. Afterall, he got back into the Spain squad last season before his injury, on merit too. He’s a threat with the ball & has blistering pace. There’s one tackle he does, where he’s chasing a winger back towards our goal line and he slides then flicks his heel back up to his bum. You know the one; it’s so unique. Often gets it wrong. There was a time when I thought Klopp may do a Rodgers x Jose Enrique manoeuvre and lash him as a wing forward, but alas. As much of a headless chicken as he is at times on it, off the pitch he seems like one of the most liked members of the squad. He never seems to cause a fuss & despite his mad moments, I’ll always admire him for that. However, I won’t admire him for coming out before the Europa League final in 15/16 against Sevilla and saying he’s a Sevilla fan still, the soft twat. Had a nightmare in that game too, predictably. But that’s Bert Moreno for you, the loveable plonker.