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We’ve made no secret of the fact that we really rate Fabinho.

He showed yesterday what he can bring to this side & why fans continue to call for him to be starting every game. Jurgen Klopp clearly knows what he’s doing & clearly trusts the collective power of his system, but what’s evident is that Fabinho’s going to be quite the player for us once he’s fully up to speed with the (heavy) demands on a Jurgen Klopp midfielder. He’s already superb; it’s scary to think how dominant he can grow to become.

We made a video compilation of his performance against Tottenham on Sunday:

He’s got a knack of winning balls he has no right to. He’ll be pivotal for the remainder of this season but he’s going to be an absolute monster next season.

As Ljinders said:

“Inside the ‘organised chaos’ that we want, that we like, he is like a lighthouse, he controls it”

Pepijn Ljinders, speaking to Neil Jones ( about Fabinho (Feb 2019)