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[Written by @Red_JayOfficial]

Ok, that’s it.

We’ve drawn 2 successive games and City have just beaten Everton to go top of the league on goal difference, having played a game more.

Time to pack it up and go home.

Last night’s result was celebrated on one half of Merseyside with as much gusto as in the blue half of Manchester; 2 teams won on Wednesday night and they played each other!

It’s over to us now. Saturday at Anfield, vs Bournemouth. No real point is there? I mean, the league is all but won, right? So we may as well head down to the ground, take a few pictures, perhaps make a video to show your pals. Hell, may even land some autographs!

Let’s go and make a memory of the day, for there is nothing left, right?


You know, as well as I do, that despite being in second place in the League, a win against Bournemouth puts us right back on top with a 3 point cushion. This set of players have taken us to a fabulous position, a position I would never have predicted at the beginning of the season. We’re dining at the top table again, we’re a force to be reckoned with once more.

It’s February and we’ve got 1 loss to our name, that coming against one of the finest teams this league has witnessed.

City have the money, the quality in depth that most clubs can only dream of having, what don’t they have? This fanbase. Our wonderful team have taken us to the brink of realising a dream that has eluded us for far too many years, 2 recent draws and a plethora of injuries has seen a little stutter, mad as it sounds, but that stutter comes by way of 2 draws. The Anfield crowd, for years, has been revered around the world for its passion, its noise, it’s colour, it’s songs and unwavering support, often seen as the difference when winning games we, perhaps, should have got nothing from.

A title run is exciting but, I am sure we can all agree, is pretty stressful. It’s natural for us to look at the transfer window and say “we should have strengthened”. It’s easy for us to bemoan the drawing 2 games we needed to and likely should have won. The fact is, that has all gone; we are powerless to situations passed.

All we have is now and every game moving forward. The players have been running themselves into the ground. Not every performance will be perfect, in fact, some have been well below the expected level, but in the main, we’re grinding out results.

Anfield is a fortress, we as fans have been the weapons that could vocally shoot down opposition players, drain them of confidence and seeing no way of succeeding in such an environment, however, our players are starting to fall victim of “Friendly Fire”. With every misplaced pass, every time we lose the ball and every wayward shot being greeted with groans and/or jeers, each time it’s sapping the confidence of our players whilst, in turn, empowering the opposition.

They know the Anfield crowd is LFC’s greatest weapon, so what better way to beat the hosts than to get the gunfire turned towards its own team. It’s time to stop! Yes, it’s frustrating when things don’t go to plan, but we go again. It’s frustrating when a pass goes out of play, but we go again. It’s frustrating when a shot clears the Kop, but guess what…..WE GO AGAIN!

Much like the children we love and nurture, every mistake needs to be greeted with encouragement. Each time they’re berated, we discourage them from expressing themselves and even trying. Let’s not let our passion turn into poison for our own lads. Let’s support, scream, sing and bounce! If a mistake is made… SING LOUDER!

Bournemouth at home represents a wonderful opportunity for this team to get the momentum going again, and we, as fans, have a major role in that. Let’s show our gratitude for the season they have given us thus far and play our part in bringing the ultimate prize to Anfield.

There are no guarantees. I couldn’t possibly tell you we ARE going to win the league, but it is very clear that we CAN! Let’s utilise every strength we have and go for it, embrace this experience! Leave your nerves at the turnstiles, take your pictures before the game and give everything you have to help get these lads across the finish line. They have given everything for us, so let’s do the same in return. Nobody wants us to win it. But Liverpool is a city that has never relied on anyone, always faced condemnation and resentment from the country in which it resides, yet it has thrived and so too will our football club. We are defiant, we are fearless, we are feared, we are Liverpool Football club.

Allez, Allez, Allez