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The skipper’s getting justified praise for his last two performances. Playing in the number 8 position, he has been tasked with breaking into more advanced areas of the pitch. Let’s not forget, it’s a position from which he contributed 22G+A in 14/15.

Check out this compilation of his impressive performance against Porto:

Klopp on Henderson:

”He’s a brilliant player. I’m happy he showed that again. He likes the position, obviously. It was my fault that for one-and-a-half years he played as a No.6. Sorry! But we needed him there. A really good performance with brilliant passes”

Alongside Fabinho and Keita (whom we also made a compilation video of), Henderson looked full of energy, composure & incision. A lot has been spoken about the midfield choices of late but what is becoming more apparent is that we’ve got some excellent options in this squad now, with a great variety of skillsets. Exciting times.