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Not a great deal to say about that. We looked impotent yet in control throughout. It’s becoming a bit thematic. Can’t complain though; we rotated heavily and got the 3 points. If you’d asked me after the international break (with all of the injuries) whether I’d have taken a 1-0, I’d have said yes, particularly as Salah gets his goal.


Barely had anything to do. Looks magnificent in the pink kit. Brings an air of confidence to the entire side. Makes sitting on 0-1 leads all that more comfortable. 


Big Joe Gomez looks like a new player. It’s easy to forget that he was largely a right back last season & despite Trent’s form towards the end, coinciding with Gomez’ injury, that he was largely first choice. Klopp brought him in today for his solidity & whilst we lose something without Trent’s forward passing & energy, Gomez just looks so assured. He looks like the kind of defender you don’t want to play against. Huddersfield didn’t. What a talent he is.


Keeps his place. Klopp clearly likes Degsy. We do too. Didn’t have a great deal to do. Depoitre’s a bit rubbish really & he’s the kind of striker Degsy likes playing against.

Van Dijk

He’s just ridiculous. Future Ballon D’Or winner.


Solid performer. Not his best, but he’s Mr Reliable these days.


Another Mr Reliable in the ranks. How was he even fit? The bloke’s a machine. These aren’t your typical Milner matches, but he’s always putting in a shift. Perhaps got lucky with the penalty shout. Who knows? It’s dead important to have players who can operate on his level and barely miss any matches.


Meh? I’m not sure Henderson looks fit. Can’t really blame him. We looked more solid when Wijnaldum came on. Gini’s been our best option at 6 this season so far & helped control things far better than Henderson managed. Mind you, Fabinho looked decent when he came on too. 


Lovely to see him back. Wasn’t expecting to see him start, or for that matter play where he played. He’s bloody lively. Let’s hope he stays fit. A fully functional Lallana is a decent asset & he’s quite unlike anyone else in the squad


I’m really enjoying having Shaqiri here. He’s a bundle of energy. Seems to always be involved in the plays leading to goals when he’s on the pitch. Klopp clearly thinks there’s something in him as a midfielder but also clearly thinks there’s work to do tactically. Technically he’s superb. The touch for the Salah goal is magnificent. I’m looking forward to seeing it develop.


Played through the middle more. Wasn’t as relentlessly direct as we’ve been used to, but he wasn’t with his 2 mates up top. Some nice moments of interchange with both Sturridge and Shaqiri. Gave the ball away an annoying amount of times but the goal is just the defining moment of quality & it was a joy to see him beaming again.


Another 90 for Danny Sturridge. Wasn’t at his sharpest, but looked fit right the way to the final whistle (when in the past we’ve seen him start blowing on 70 – even as recently as the PSG game in my opinion). Tried some audacious things, but then that’s the confident Sturridge we’ve all been delighted to see back. 



He’s looking so assured at the moment. Buoyed by his goal and performance against Germany, he’s playing with more of a swagger and control than we’ve seen for consistent spells. This isn’t the goal-grabbing wide forward we brought from Newcastle. This is the Dutch international, student of totaalvoetbal, capable of playing anywhere & playing with a vision of every area of the pitch. Quietly really good. My MOTM despite only playing 45. “Gini disappears away from home” isn’t a thing.


As above, looked quite useful when he came on. Striding out with the ball is something I’d like to see more of. He was biting into tackles & could be useful against the big bastard sides such as your Huddersfields & Cardiffs. I’d like to see him start a couple of the next 3.


He’s quality. Such a good footballer. Didn’t make a mark on the scoresheet but he’s probably the only forward in world football whom you bring on to sure up a game.