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Bloody hell, what a ridiculous game of football. 3-0 up, back to 3-3 in what looked for a moment like another Sevilla away outcome. But similarities in the scoreline aside, on this occasion, you knew we were scoring again when it went 3-3…

Not our most emphatic, but yet again, this Liverpool side find a way of winning.

Adrian – Can’t do a great deal about their goals, particularly the first. Maybe Alisson gets the second, but can’t really pin it on him. Generally looked composed (the near Danny Ings repeat moment aside) & gives you that air of confidence we never really got with our old mate Si Miggers. Really happy with him as an understudy to Alisson. Really happy. Old Fabianski’s gone and got injured at West Ham, too. Bet they wished they’d kept hold of the Spaniard now…

Trent – ANOTHER assist for the Scouser in our team. Another Champions League assist. Not often you see a fullback to fullback assist. Not often you see so many fullback to fullback switches in a game. His technical ability is ridiculous. Nearly did another CORNER TAKEN QUICKLY, only for Sadio to totally miss it. Quite handy, that – means teams will have to set their defensive lines a bit deeper against us when marking corners zonally. Twenty years old, mate.

Big Joe Gomez – Looked a little nervy in a few moments at 0-0, but grew into things as the first half progressed at least. He’s bloody rapid. Some decent moments on the ball in the first half. Proficient with the ball at his feet. A wonderful block on Szoboszlai at 3-1 to keep it that way, but their second comes shortly afterwards and he’s out of his defensive line, drawing Virgil across. In truth, he looked like a man who hasn’t played much footy recently. He’ll probably not chalk it down amongst his favourite Liverpool performances, but it’s Leicester next – an opponent against whom he played probably his best game for us to date, at the start of last season.

Big Virg – Superb first half, until he gets sold a kipper by Hwang for their first. Gets dragged across for their second and arguably could have blocked Minamino for their third but we’re being pretty harsh here. A truly uncharacteristic pass straight into touch in the last few minutes when trying to find Robbo. Says a lot about the man that these things add up to be a below par game for him.

Robbo – What a goal that was. A Robbo-esque run with the ball, a Firmino-esque run without it to the near post. Loved his celebration. Loved the moment in the first half where it looked like he may give away a pen but somehow holds off that big blonde lad, Kristensen, and spins away with the ball, met to rapturous chanting of his name. Full of energy, as always.

Fabinho – Decent first half, but he won’t be too happy with his second. He’s getting more adept at showing for the ball from his fullback & turning with it. Loved the moment at 3-2 where he takes it from Trent on the edge of our & drives past 3 of their men to the halfway line, before being fouled. Gave Trent a horrid back pass at 3-3. Gets his ‘professional foul’ yellow at 4-3. Overall though, it’s great having a gnarly bastard in our midfield again. Seems odd to be in praise of a defensive midfielder when your side concedes 3 goals, but he’s becoming a staple in that spine.

Henderson – He looked so pumped for it from the start, but in truth it wasn’t his finest performance. Really helped us with our intensity in the first half, keeping them all on their toes. Bollocked Trent for getting done easily on the left after him & Robbo switched for 5 after a Salzburg corner. Could be more incisive with his passing. Could be playing for his place in the team with Keita & Oxlade-Chamberlain’s ongoing rehabilitation and bedding in, but Henderson seems to love a challenge & he’s invaluable to the squad in very different ways. It’s healthy competition to have.

Gini – Wasn’t his best game. Looked knackered in the second half. Should have scored on 54 mins when Sadio beats his man and cuts it back to him. We’ve talked about our midfield shape a lot recently & Wijnaldum certainly puts his graft in for the greater good. Completed 43/43 passes too. That always helps.

Mo – Delighted he got his goals. Before that he looked to be forcing it a bit, but he was a bundle of energy throughout regardless. Don’t usually enjoy watching him play through the middle, as we saw a fair amount of at roughly this point last season. Tell you what though, he’s relentless.

Bobby – Better than Saturday, for sure. Some fabulous close control at moments; futsal like. Love how the crowd always acknowledge it with his chant. Si SeƱor!

Sadio – what a goal, eh?! Should have had himself a cheeky headed goal from Trent’s audacious corner; would have been only out cheeky’d by Origi’s against Barca from the very same corner.


Origi – Was buoyed by him coming on. He’s a very handy attacking change for us these days.

Milner – Not a great deal to say. Came in for the change to 4231. The change helped us, that’s for sure. Kept showing for it, as he does.

Keita – warm appreciation from the crowd. Didn’t have time to do much.